Shannon Reca

Full Stack Developer

Hi, I'm Shannon and welcome to my website. Previously, I've used this website as portfolio for my web development work. However, with my latest revamp, this is now everything and anything "Me". Sure I'm a developer with years of experience, and even built this site with my open source project WPNext (WordPress theme kit), blah blah blah shameless plug. However, I do things other than web development. I enjoy creativity in general and like to dabble in hobbies such as carpentry, photography, videography, and graphic design.

My latest interest of being a content creator and creating online courses, was sparked with the idea of being able to share my knowledge of 13 plus years working professionally. I see it as a fulfilling feeling knowing I may be able to help someone reach their career goals. I look forward to being more active with my blog as well, in hopes of doing more of the same.